Name: Jackie Brosius
Location: Hearing Instrument Specialist at HearingLife, Edmonton, AB

“I’ve learned that so much of the challenges I’ve faced daily was because of my hearing loss and not wearing my hearing aids. This has made me passionate about helping people hear well and making the transition to better hearing an easier and more enjoyable experience than mine was.”

Jackie Brosius can empathize with those who have hearing loss, especially those who’ve had hearing loss since they were kids.

“I was born with a hearing loss and it runs in my family,” says Jackie. “I struggled in school with learning to spell and read. I struggled with making friends and would often get in trouble in class for not paying attention. I didn’t understand that it was my hearing loss that was causing these difficulties. I hid my loss well growing up that even my teachers and friends did not know that I had a hearing loss and had hearing aids. I was embarrassed and ashamed for being different – for having a hearing loss.”

As a child, despite having hearing loss, Jackie was reluctant to wear hearing aids.
“I grew up refusing to wear my hearing aids,” says Jackie. “At five years old, I was fitted with my first pair and I hated the hearing aids. My parents would make sure I was wearing them when I left for school, but at school I would take them out and say I forgot them at home when my teacher would ask.”

After studying for two years at Grant McEwan University for a Bachelor of Arts, Jackie found the Hearing Aid Practitioner Program and knew this career path was perfect for her. After getting her degree in 2004, Jackie started working in Downtown Edmonton. Today, she brings over 10 years of experience to HearingLife hearing clinics.

As a hearing professional at HearingLife, Jackie also has the opportunity to participate in the National Campaign for Better Hearing. The Campaign for Better Hearing awards hearing aids to those in need who can’t afford them. Professionals like Jackie nominate clients who are then selected by the Campaign to receive free hearing aids. To date, hundreds of Canadians have benefited from the CFBH Give-back program.

Are you ready to start your journey to better hearing? If you are a Canadian over the age of 18 who may have hearing loss, book a free hearing test with us today!

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