Name: Alyssa Robertson
Location: Hearing Instrument Specialist at HearingLife, Clinton and Wingham, ON
“I wanted to be in a field where I was able to work with people, be able to help and give back, but also make a difference and I found that this was the perfect fit for me.”

Alyssa Robertson enjoys anything that involves food including cooking it and learning more about it and its associative culture. She also has interests in travelling, cars, the outdoors and various sports. One thing is capturing a great deal of her attention.

“I am a ‘new mom,’” declares Alyssa, “to a very spoiled four-legged fur baby named Kali; she is a Campaign for Better Hearing supporter!”

The Campaign for Better Hearing (CFBH) awards hearing aids to those who need, but can’t afford them. For every hearing test taken with the campaign’s sponsors, $4 is donated towards the purchase of these hearing aids.

“The CFBH gives me the resources to be able to give back both locally as well as nationally,” adds Alyssa. “It also allows me to spread the word about the importance of baseline hearing tests and our hearing health.”

Alyssa initially became interested in the hearing healthcare field because it was something different that she hadn’t heard about.

“I knew I wanted to be in a field where I was able to work with, help, and give back to people, but also, I was able to make a difference. I found that this was the perfect fit for me.”
Alyssa started as a co-op student in 2014 and was hired on as a CSA following the completion of the co-op placement. She has since graduated from the Hearing Instrument Specialist Program at Grant MacEwan University and is now a practising Hearing Professional.

For Alyssa, the most satisfying part of her job is being able to not only make a difference but see the difference that she can make in people’s lives on a daily basis.

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