Nominated by: Jordanne Posch, HearingLife in Peterborough, ON.

“There are so many ways this gift will change my life. Now, I will be able to have conversations with my roommates where I won’t have to ask them to repeat everything, talk louder or just pretend that I heard. I may be able to attend meetings and classes too, once Covid-19 is over. What a joy that would be. My world will expand instead of shrink, as it has been for the last 9 years. I’ll be able to chat with strangers and store clerks– such a simple thing for “hearing” people yet totally beyond my reach until now. The stress and anxiety of not being able to hear at all, or having to strain to exhaustion just to hear parts of conversations will be gone. This is actually something I can’t even imagine right now. My independence, which I value highly, will increase too because I won’t need to have someone come with me everywhere I go.”

– Pat Dunn, Campaign Ambassador 2020

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