When you travel, you’ll move through a variety of environments. You’ll want to make sure that your hearing health is taken care of at every step of your journey, particularly if you already have a hearing loss. When you’re packing for your next trip, keep the following tips in mind if you also have hearing loss.

1. Plan in Advance

Travelling often requires time-sensitive steps such as catching a flight, or the multiple steps that precede the flight such as weighing luggage and navigating through the airport. Anticipating how your travel day is going to unfold, and preparing accordingly can help to avoid confusing and time-consuming conversations that may be further exasperated by your hearing impairment in a noisy environment. Print flight information ahead of time and arrive early so that, even if you do have to ask for help, you have enough time to do so.

2. Pack for Your Hearing Aids

Your travels, particularly if they are out of the country, can make it difficult for you to access facilities that can assist you with your hearing aids. If you wear hearing aids, pack extra batteries and tubing to keep your hearing aids functioning at their best. Also, consider purchasing a dehumidifier to keep your hearing aids free of moisture – especially if you are travelling to a humid climate.

3. Store Hearing Aids and Accessories in Carry-on Luggage

Avoid storing your hearing devices in checked-in luggage. You’ll need easy access to your hearing device, batteries, tubing etc. to hear important announcements while in the airport and on the flight.

4. Search for Resources Available to You

Check with your airline and hotel to see if there are services available for the deaf and hearing impaired. You can also visit a hearing clinic to learn about alternative devices that can assist your hearing before you travel.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate Your Hearing Loss

Sometimes, special accommodations can be made for you once you bring your hearing impairment to the attention of others. Speaking to a flight attendant, taxi driver, or receptionist at a hotel about your hearing impairment may lead them to recommend services that are beneficial to you and that you otherwise would not have known about!

Keep these tips in mind for a safer, smoother travel experience. Happy hearing!

Are you ready to start your journey to better hearing? If you are a Canadian over the age of 18 who may have hearing loss, book a free hearing test with us today!

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